10 Best Budget-Friendly Hotels in Huatulco (under $55!)

The Bays of Huatulco was once a secret known only to a handful of Canadians it seems, but in the last year (and I expect for the next few) news of this exquisite beach town has been spreading and attracting more and more people!

Thankfully, there is still enough of a small-town Mexican feel to Huatulco that there are still many great options for an affordable beach holiday in Huatulco. There are some really lovely budget-friendly hotels in Huatulco, free and cheap things to do, and lots of ways to enjoy your time without breaking the bank!

Casa Oaxaquena is a beautifully decorated budget-friendly hotel in Huatulco

Don’t have time to read the whole list? My top pick for the best budget-friendly hotel in Huatulco is Casa Oaxaqueña.

This list is organized by star rating on Booking.com, my favourite website for booking accommodations in Huatulco. Read more about why I use Booking.com here.

#1 Depa Cielito

🌟Rating: 9.4/10 |📍 Sector/Area: Sector K | 🏨 View on Booking.com

❄️A/C: ✅ | 🐶Pet Friendly: 🚫 | Pool 🚫 | 🥞Breakfast Included 🚫

In my home neighbourhood of Sector K lies this exceptionally rated budget-friendly apartment rental in Huatulco. Just $55 / night for a 2-bedroom apartment. you won’t find a better deal in Huatulco! I lived just around the corner during my time in Huatulco, and can vouch for the safety and coziness of the neighbourghood.

The depa exceeded expectations!! Very clean and very well equipped. The rooms have weather and the beds are very comfortable. It is located in a closed street so it is super quiet and ideal to rest after having gone hiking.

luana – (More Reviews)

#2 Yuu-Lee Casa Bendita Huatulco

Casa Bendito is above a mezcaleria in Sector A

🌟Rating: 8.9/10 |📍 Sector/Area: Sector A/ Santa Cruz | 🏨 View on Booking.com

❄️A/C: ✅ | 🐶Pet Friendly: 🚫 | Pool 🚫 | 🥞Breakfast Included 🚫

A quiet retreat in Santa Cruz, Casa Bendita is a cozy little hotel very close to Santa Cruz beach. This little hotelita is located near my favourite cafe, Casa del Cafe, Santa Cruz beach, the organic market on Saturdays, and all the best of Santa Cruz! Guests also love the mezcaleria on the mail level.

Staff/manager is super friendly, location is very relaxed and tranquil. you can hear the birds. Area is very nice. They also run a mezcaleria so you can try mezcal.”

Amy – (More Reviews)

#3 Hostal Azul y Blanco

🌟Rating: 8.9/10 |📍 Sector/Area: Sector H/Downtown | 🏨 View on Booking.com

❄️A/C: ✅ | 🐶Pet Friendly: | Pool 🚫 | 🥞Breakfast Included 🚫

Huatulco’s premiere hostel, Hostal Azul y Blanco is well-loved by travellers to Huatulco looking for low-cost accommodations. I love that it is so close to downtown, but on a side street so you can still get a good sleep. They offer both dorm rooms and private rooms, so there is something for all budgets.

Comfortable beds, great kitchen, lovely rooftop for chilling out and friendly staff

Jamie – (More Reviews)

#4 Casa Oaxaqueña

Casa Oaxaquena is a beautifully decorated budget-friendly hotel in Huatulco

🌟Rating: 8.8/10 |📍 Sector/Area: Sector I | 🏨 View on Booking.com

❄️A/C: ✅ | 🐶Pet Friendly: 🚫 | Pool 🚫 | 🥞Breakfast Included 🚫

If you are looking for a picturesque Mexican experience during your stay in Huatulco, look no further than Casa Oaxaqueña. Located in Sector I behind Chedraui, this little house is in a safe, authentic area of Huatulco and the guests just love it!

I liked the open atmosphere, the cleanliness, and the wonderful attitudes of the staff. For the price, it’s hard to beat! Excellent location!

Mcintire – (More Reviews)

#5 Hotel CZ

🌟Rating: 8.8/10 |📍 Sector/Area: Sector K | 🏨 View on Booking.com

❄️A/C: ✅ | 🐶Pet Friendly: ✅ | Pool 🚫 | 🥞Breakfast Included 🚫

Also in Sector K is Hotel CZ, an accessible and comfortable 3 🌟 accommodations in Huatulco. Just across the street from the park,

The staff is very friendly and they always gave me correct directions, they made my stay easier and it was easy to locate me to move around different parts of Huatulco

Victor- (More Reviews)

#6 Luna Creciente

🌟Rating: 8.3/10 |📍 Sector/Area: Sector H/Downtown | 🏨 View on Booking.com

❄️A/C: ✅ | 🐶Pet Friendly: 🚫 | Pool 🚫 | 🥞Breakfast Included 🚫

A quaint hotel right in the heart of La Crucecita, come to Luna Creciente if you are looking for affordability without compromising comfort, La Creciente is the place for you! Finding comfortable beds in Mexico can sometimes be a challenge, so I’m confident you won’t regret sliding into your cozy cama at this cheap hotel in Huatulco!

Good location right in the center. Air conditioning. Cute little terrace. Beds are very comfortable

Nadine – (More Reviews)

#7 La Vivienda Villa

🌟Rating: 8.1/10 |📍 Sector/Area: Sector E | 🏨 View on Booking.com

❄️A/C: ✅ | 🐶Pet Friendly: 🚫| Pool  | 🥞Breakfast Included 🚫

La Vivienda Villa is a unique, budget-friendly hotel in Huatulco in that it is part hotel, part hostel. Guests rent private rooms and bathrooms, with shared access to the rest of the household amenities like the kitchen, pool, and relaxing patio area!

Lovely and super helpful owners! The house is beautiful, rooms are clean and spacious, Maribel makes you a morning coffee and you can walk everywhere. Theres AC, a fan, a fridge. You can make yourself breakfast in the common kitchen. They also called us a taxi in the morning.

Lucie- (More Reviews)

#8 Hotel Arrecife

🌟Rating: 8.0/10 |📍 Sector/Area: Downtown | 🏨 View on Booking.com

❄️A/C: ✅ | 🐶Pet Friendly: ✅ | Pool  | 🥞Breakfast Included 🚫

Tucked away in Sector H, Hotel Arrecife is the perfect mix of quiet retreat and ease of access. Less than a 5-minute walk to the central park of La Crucecita, yet set back on a side street so the traffic and night noise is minimized. As a bonus, Hotel Arrecife is across the street from one of the best restaurants in Huatulco, Teresina!

Excellent hotel, good staff service, clean rooms. I plan to return

Jorge- (More Reviews)

#9 OYO Hotel Betsua Vista Hermoso

🌟Rating: 7.5/10 |📍 Sector/Area: Sector I | 🏨 View on Booking.com

❄️A/C: ✅ | 🐶Pet Friendly: 🚫 | Pool  | 🥞Breakfast Included 🚫

I love the location of OYO Hotel Betsua Vista Hermoso, tucked away at the edge of downtown this cheap little hotel in Huatulco is quiet, has a pool, and yet is only steps away from all the action of the core, like many of Huatulco’s best restaurants and bars.

Location is great, a short walk separates the hotel from a lot of restaurants, bars and public transportation. The room was ok, we got what we paid for, which in my opinion was a very good deal. I would definitely come back.

jorge – (More Reviews)

As Jorge mentioned in his review, there are a lot of great transportation options from downtown to the other sectors of Huatulco and the beaches. I explain all of Huatulco’s transportation secrets in How to Travel in Huatulco – Mexican Transportation Explained.

#10 Casa Shaguibá

🌟Rating: 7.5/10 |📍 Sector/Area: Downtown | 🏨 View on Booking.com

❄️A/C: ✅ | 🐶Pet Friendly: ✅ | Pool 🚫 | 🥞Breakfast Included 🚫

I love recommending Casa Shaguibá because of its awesome location right in the core of downtown La Crucecita. While it is missing some amenities, you probably won’t mind because everything you possibly need is right outside the front door!

We super loved our stay [in Casa Shaguibá] – we had the rooftop cabin and we were super happy there – the place is simple and old but definitely has charm”

Kathleen – (More Reviews)

Bonus – Huatulco Rentals under $65

Hotels & Condos Jaroje

🌟Rating: 9.3/10 |📍 Sector/Area: Sector R/Chahue | 🏨 View on Booking.com

❄️A/C: ✅ | 🐶Pet Friendly: ✅ | Pool 🚫 | 🥞Breakfast Included 🚫

Just over the $50/night mark but too good a deal not to include it in this listing is Hotels & Condominios Jaroje. Rated an incredible 9.3/10, some rooms even include a little kitchenette to help you lower your dining out costs (although with the amazing and cheap street food in Huatulco, who needs to cook!?)

Check in was easy. The staff was very kind and helpful and attentive. The pool was amazing and refreshing. My family loved our stay, overall it was the best stay in Huatulco!

Jen – (More Reviews)

Departamento Anel

🌟Rating: 10/10 |📍 Sector/Area: Sector U | 🏨 View on Booking.com

❄️A/C: ✅ | 🐶Pet Friendly: 🚫 | Pool 🚫 | 🥞Breakfast Included 🚫

Sector U is a proper Mexican neighbourhood in Huatulco. It’s a little further from the centre, so its more affordable both for tourists and residents alike. This apartment has fabulous reviews, thanks to a great host. I have a friend that stayed nearby and still found the area very walkable! Departamento Angel is a great low-budget apartment rental option in Huatulco.

The accommodation and the host are totally amazing… the apartment was totally clean and very nice, choosing this apartment for my vacation was one of the best decisions we could have made! Totally recommend it as well as the host made me some sightseeing recommendations so I could know Huatulco, excellent host! Thanks to that we were able to enjoy more of our stay, and also offered tour tours which was an excellent option as we were able to visit many places in Huatulco and its surroundings!!!

cesar – (More Reviews)

🔍 How to Find Budget-Friendly Hotels in Huatulco

The best booking software to find cheap hotel in Huatulco, and in Mexico in general is is Booking.com. I find Booking has more properties than any other platform ranging from hotels to hostels to apartment rentals.

I prefer Booking over Airbnb because I have found the bookings to be more secure and the support is better. I don’t know about you, but I have not had a lot of positive Airbnb experiences lately.

Both hotels and individual owners with units for rent can advertise on Booking.com, so you can look for any type of accommodation in one place!

You can specificly search for budget-friendly hotels in Huatulco filter feature under Your Budget.

Tip from a local: On Booking.com, the Bahias de Huatulco area is called Santa Cruz Huatulco. If you search Santa Maria Huatulco you will see results for the city of Santa Maria Huatulco, not the region. For more information on how the area is laid out, read Where to Stay in Huatulco – Your Guide to the Bays

Other platforms

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on Booking.com, here are some other apps and platforms you might want to check out:

Cheap Huatulco Hostels HostelWorld.com
Luxury Apartment and Villa Rentals: VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner)

Shev’s Summary – Best Budget-Friendly Hotels in Huatulco

Despite being a rising start in the Mexican tourism scene, Huatulco is still a very affordable place to book your winter holiday! These 10 best Budget-friendly hotels in Huatulco are just the highest rated ones. If you are able to sacrifice some pleasantries, you can find even more cheap accommodations in Huatulco!

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