Huatulco is a very special place in Mexico. Located on the coast of Oaxaca in Southern Mexico, Huatulco is home to the famous 9 Bahias de Huatulco and has more than 36 beaches in the district.

Huatulco is a hotspot for families to meet and enjoy the beaches or beach clubs, snowbirds make their winter home here, and scuba divers can enjoy the more than 50 dive sites the shores of Huatulco have to offer.

And that’s just within Huatulco! The surrounding districts have much to offer as well. You could go up into the Sierra Madre Mountains and explore the many fincas and coffee plantations. Or head north to Mazunte for the yoga retreats or crocodile and turtle sanctuaries.

All of these can be done for just a day or weekend trip from Huatulco!

Must-Have Huatulco Experiences