A view of San Andres beach Huatulco from the trail leading down to the beach

San Andrés Beach Huatulco

The final and smallest of Chahue’s beaches is also one of Huatulco’s secret beaches, San Andres Beach. Like most of Huatulco’s hidden beaches, Playa San Andrés takes some effort to get to.

While technically a part of Bahia Chahue, San Andrés beach Huatulco is located on the south side of Punta Santa Cruz, so the instructions to get to this beach are the same as the beaches of Punta Paraiso, only you take a different path off the main trail.

Ok, ready for adventure? Here is everything you need to know about Playa San Andrés!

San Andrés Beach Quick Review

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🦽Accessible 🚫
🌮 Amenities 🚫
🏊 Swimming 🚫
🛟Lifeguard 🚫
⛱️ Shade🚫

Worth the Visit?

🚫 No
If you are only in Huatulco for a short time I do not recommend Playa San Andrés
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About Playa San Andrés Huatulco

There is not too much to say about this little playita, except that it requires quite the hike to get to!

A view of  San Andres beach Huatulco from the trail leading down to the beach
San Andres beach is a secluded beach on Punta Santa Cruz, looking into Chahue Bay.
(Photo: Canva)

San Andrés Beach is a secluded beach on the southern side of Punta Santa Cruz, but is a part of Chahue Bay. It is a very small beach, with large rocks that are fun for scrambling on to catch a view of Chahue Bay.

Like with the other beaches in Chahue Bay, the waters on this beach change often and do not always provide a safe space to swim.

Is San Andrés Beach Safe?

While San Andrés feels secluded when you are on the beach, the area around the beach is actually quite popular with people heading back and forth from the other beaches on Punta Paraiso.

Huatulco is a very safe part of México but it is always best to use common sense when visiting any of Huatulco’s secret beaches. Don’t leave your valuables unattended, avoid drinking excessively, pack lots of water, etc.

What might look like garbage littering the trail down to Playa San Andrés are actually intentionally placed cans and bottles covering up old rebar that was once used to reinforce stairs (or was meant to!)
(Photo: Shev)

It’s also important to keep in mind personal safety when visiting beaches like San Andrés that require hiking through the jungle. The trail is rough with rocks, roots, uneven ground, and even old rebar from long-gone steps littering the pathways. Please exercise caution and watch your step!

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Is it safe to swim at San Andrés Beach?

No – Just like the other beaches in Chahue Bay, the currents change often and the ocean is a little rougher here. If you are looking to swim and snorkel, pop over to the many beaches on the other side of Punta Santa Cruz for calm waters and excellent snorkeling.

Can you Snorkel at San Andrés Beach Huatulco?

No – there is no snorkelling at San Andrés beach because the water is too rough.

How to get to Playa San Andrés

Click the star 🌟 to add this map to your Google calendar on your phone!

The path to get to Playa San Andrés is the same as for the other beaches in Punta Paraiso, so these directions might look familiar. Don’t forget to save this map for easy access to all of Huatulco’s beaches and their access points!

From Boulevard Benito Juarez, take the road between Electra and Hotel Mexicana Huatulco. This is the road that leads to Punta Santa Cruz and the hotels and beaches along it!

Continue up the hill and you will find the road splits, keep right and continue until you reach a dead end. You will see the villa Sueño del Mar on your right and Punta Paraiso straight ahead.

Punta Paraiso is the end of the road and where you can park for access to the beaches at the end of Punta Santa Cruz
The end of the road on Punta Santa Cruz, with the trailhead on the right to Playa San Andrés
(Photo: Shev)

The trail starts with a set of stairs as pictured on the right. The first bit is well constructed with railing and stairs, but it doesn’t last long! From the trailhead to Playa San Andrés, the walk takes about 3.5 minutes, but be sure to go slow, the trail is rough and steep at parts!

A handmade sign on the trail to San Andrés
(Photo: Shev)

Some of the locals have adopted the beaches along Punta Santa Cruz, so you will see some homemade signs like this one along the path. Keep following the trail, until you see a small path that branches to the left and straight down.

Carefully follow the path downwards, you will immediately hear the crashing of the waves and after the first curve in the trail, you will be greeted with this view:

A view of San Andres beach Huatulco from the trail leading down to the beach
The view of San Andrés beach from the trail.
(Photo: Shev)

This part of the path is short but cuts straight down. If you are carrying a lot of things, I definitely recommend making two trips, the rocks and rebar make it really easy to trip and fall, and you will want at least one hand free for balance.

San Andrés Beach Services

Unsurprisingly, San Andrés is completely unserviced! The beach is very small and the path is too difficult for a vendor to move products back and forth.

If you plan to visit San Andrés, be sure to pack everything you need!

Also, keep in mind there is no lifeguard on duty, so use extreme caution if you plan to go in the water at all.

San Andrés Beach Huatulco Packing list

Since San Andrés is completely unserviced, it’s important you come prepared!

We love taking our Neso tent to the beach!
Shev and her favourite beach companion, her Neso tent!
(Photo: Shev)

#1 Sun Shelter
The sun in Huatulco is INTENSE. If you are going during the day, you will definitely need to bring shade of some kind. We always take our Neso tent, and I highly recommend getting something similar! We love our Neso tent because it is so easy to use, works great even in the wind, and is completely sand-free, even when the sand is wet.

#2 Lots of Water
Again, you will not have the option to buy anything, so definitely pack lots of water for the day!
I don’t go anywhere without my Waatr bottle, but it was a big investment. Its worth it for me because I travel so much, but you can find more budget-friendly water bottles with a filter online.

#3 A good beach towel
I like to pack light, so I always bring my Tesalate, and Manuel uses his Sandcloud towel. Whatever you bring, be sure it is light enough that you won’t regret hauling it down the wild trail at San Andrés beach!

🏨Hotels Near San Andrés Beach

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⛱️Sueño Real

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Beautiful. Great helpful staff available but not intrusive. Beautiful views. Wonderful private pool. Easy location to town.

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It’s in the name! Sueno means “Dream” in Spanish, and this beautiful villa is an absolute dream. See pictures and more here.

💙Mansiones Cruz del Mar

🌟Rating: 8.6/10 |📍 Sector/Area: Punta Santa Cruz| 🏨 View on Booking.com

Great location, spacious and comfortable rooms, extremely attentive staff, all very clean facilities. I liked it and promised to return with my family soon.

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The accommodations in Cruz del Mar are so great that I personally know people that return here year over year to live for months at a time. Just see the reviews for yourself!

👸Princess Mayev Huatulco

🌟Rating: 9.2/10 |📍 Sector/Area: Punta Santa Cruz | 🏨 View on Booking.com

We really enjoyed the staff, our view of the ocean and the pools. It was truly a relaxing experience for us. The location of the hotel was great, as well…providing access to Crucecita, private beaches, and fun activities (snorkeling).

Patrick-More Reviews

With a 9.2/10 rating, Princess Mayev Huatulco is one of the highest rated resorts in the 9 Bays. Known for its views and extraordinarily comfortable beds, guests absolutely love the location and amenities of Princess Mayev.

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Shev’s Summary – Playa San Andrés Huatulco

Is San Andrés Beach worth visiting?

No – Honestly for me, if you have a limited time in Huatulco I would not put San Andrés high on your list. In my opinion, it is too much effort to get to for too little reward. I love being in the ocean, so I would rather head to the Santa Cruz side where I can enjoy the water.

But if you are looking to visit all the beaches in Huatulco, San Andrés is a great one to knock off the list early because it is so close to the other beaches!

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