A gorgeous sunset over Chahue Bay Huatulco

Chahue Bay Huatulco – Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to Chahue Bay Huatulco, one of the busiest and most developed areas in the Bahias de Huatulco region. Here I will lay out everything you need to know about the beaches, businesses, and highlights of this unique district in Huatulco.

Like many places in Huatulco and the world, people use the word Chahue to refer to a few different areas of Huatulco. Chahue can mean Chahue bay, the principal beach Playa Chahue, the area around Chahue bay, and even a residential sector! I am here to clarify these districts and help you feel confident navigating the area!

Where is Chahue Bay?

Chahue Bay Huatulco is located next to Santa Cruz bay in Huatulco, and right in the middle of the developed portion of the bays of Huatulco. After Chachacual bay, Chahue bay is the second largest of the 9 bays of Huatulco.

Its main beach, Playa Chahue, is one of the most popular beaches in Huatulco both for the tourists who come to visit the many beach clubs, and for the locals who enjoy meeting friends and watching the sea and stars in the evening on the extensive, white-sand beach.

The sector or neighbourhood of Chahue encompasses the area between the main beach, Playa Chahue, and Benito Juarez Boulevard. I will be sharing information on both the sector and the bay in this article.

About Chahue Bay Huatulco

Chahue bay is one of the most central and popular of the 9 bays of Huatulco. It is home to a beautiful beach, most of Huatulco’s beach clubs, an events centre, our only private marina, and so much more!

🗣️ Intimidated by how to pronounce Chahue? I got you! Think of the “Cha” as in the cha-cha dance. Then you just add the ending “way” and put it together.
Cha – way.

Chahue Bay is the second largest bay in Huatulco, after Bahia Chachacual. It has 4 beaches, one hotel directly on the beach, and a private marina for boat owners or those sailing through to anchor.

Chahue Bay Huatulco Beaches

Though people usually refer to the area around Chahue Beach as Bahia Chahue, there are actually 4 beaches inside this large bay! The most popular is Chahue Beach, but there are a couple of hidden beaches you might find are worth a visit too.

About Chahue Beach Huatulco

Chahue Bay’s most popular and largest beach is usually referred to by its Spanish name Playa Chahue. Tourists and locals alike flock to this beach day and night to enjoy the rolling waves, and breathtaking sunrises, visit one of the many beach clubs, or take in the night sky.

Personally, I like to pick up a pizza from 7 Tavoli and enjoy the night sky and fresh air with friends! It is also tradition to watch the first sunrise of the new year from Chahue beach.

Here are some things to know about Chahue Beach.

How to get to Chahue Beach

The principal beach and the area commonly referred to as Chahue Bay has two main access points:

  1. Plaza Chahue
    • A parking area that allows access to the main businesses of Chahue Bay. Parking here is restricted to those visiting the beach clubs or dive centre in Chahue and there is no public access to the beach here. Some of the beach clubs have access to the beach, but not all.
  2. Public Beach access
    • This area is open to the public and is more or less in the centre of the beach. To the right is Plaza Chahue, and to the left is empty beach leading to the pier.

Is it Safe to Swim at Chahue Beach?

Generally, no it is not safe to swim in Chahue bay. Technically, there is a lifeguard on duty during the day and the beach employs a flag system to signify whether or not the water is safe that day. So you will sometimes see one or two people in the water at Chahue.

However, let’s not forget it is the ocean and the water can change at any moment.

Personally, I don’t ever recommend entering the water at Chahue Beach because it is prone to rip currents and undertows, sometimes high surf, and there are so many other beaches in Huatulco you can swim at, so why take the risk?

because of the unpredictability of the water in Chahue Bay, Huatulco’s best beach clubs have set up shop along this picturesque playa. I recommend sitting by the pool at the beach clubs and enjoying the view!

Playa Tejon

Tejons are members of the raccoon family. They are small animals with long noses and tails, they forage for food like nuts and fruits in the trees around Huatulco
The Tejon is commonly seen around Huatulco, especially in the National Park. You might see them jumping in the trees or scurrying along the ground looking for food.
(Photo: Canva)

Tejon is one of my favourite beaches because it can feel very remote, but is relatively easy to access. The name comes from a member of the local wildlife (pictured above). The name for this long-nosed creature is Coati in English, and they are a member of the raccoon family.

You can often see Tejon’s hanging out in the trees with their long snouts and noses, looking for fruits to munch on.

Looking to visit? Read my full guide to Tejon Beach Huatulco here.

A view of Tejon Beach huatulco
La Esperanza Beach is one of Huatulco’s secret beaches.
(Photo: Shev)

Playa La Esperanza

La Esperanza is a small, undeveloped beach in between Tejon and the principal Playa Chahue. It is only accessible by foot or bicycle, but makes for an awesome little retreat!

You can read my full guide to La Esperanza beach here.

Playa San Andrés

This little beach is located at the edge of Chahue bay, on the Santa Cruz peninsula. It is very small and quite exposed, so not great for swimming or snorkeling. It requires a bit of a hike down to access, so San Andrés beach is great if you’re up for an afternoon of exploring, but not if you are hoping to swim or snorkel.

Playa Consuela and Unamed Beach

Playa Consuela and the beach beside it with no name (believe me, I’ve asked around) are located in a nook of Chahue Bay called Las Hermanitas. Unfortunately, these beaches are only accessible with a day pass to Coral Blue Hotels & Resorts or if you are a guest.

Things to Do in Chahue Bay Huatulco

Now that we know a little more about the area, let’s talk about some reasons to visit Chahue Bay!

#1 Visit a beach club in Playa Chahue

The principal beach, Chahue beach Huatulco, is home to the majority of Huatulco’s beach clubs. If you are looking for a day to relax by the pool, eat great food, or even catch a fitness class if you’re so inclined, check out these great beach clubs in Chahue:

See the full list of Huatulco’s Beach Clubs here ➡️

#2 Eat at some of Chahue’s fantastic restaurants

Eagle Ray cafe is located in Chahue corne and is one of huatulco's best cafes.
Eagle Ray Cafe in Chahue Corner Huatulco is a great place to go for morning coffee, or for one of their live music events in the evenings!
(Photo: Shev)

The Chahue area has managed to collect some of Huatulco’s best places to eat! Both in the beach clubs and in the businesses around the bay, here are some of the best restaurants in Chahue Bay Huatulco:

  • Chahue Corner – enjoy the gorgeous view with your morning coffee, or come out for their live music events Tuesdays and Thursdays!
    Clio’s in Sea Soul beach club – great food and artisan cocktails
  • Any of the 5 restaurants in Quinta Bella – from sushi to fire-oven pizza, Quinta Bella has something for everyone!
  • Vienna Huatulco – enjoy a hearty Austrian meal with a Mexican flair. I love eating here for their set menus and their lovely terrace
  • Bladu’Yú Restaurant – Huatulco’s most authentic Oaxacan food
  • Nayu – beautiful little breakfast spot
  • Eagle Ray Café Huatulco – an excellent new addition to the Huatulco coffee scene!
  • Ej Cajun – a popular expat hangout known for their margaritas
  • La Incondicional – commonly used as a pre-game spot on the weekends for those headed to La Papaya, La Incondicional is also known for its weekly events like dance lessons and karaoke, and surprisingly great tacos!

Check out my full list of Huatulco Events and Activities Here 👉

Other Notable Chahue Businesses

La Cava Chahue

One of Huatulco’s few wine bars calls Plaza Chahue home. If you are looking for a nice Italian vintage to pair with a special meal, La Cava Chahue has you covered!

La Papaya

Also located in Chahue bay is Huatulco’s only proper nightclub, La Papaya. Open Thursdays – Saturdays and the cover is only $200 pesos, though sometimes more if there is a special event.

The unique feature of La Papaya is the swimming pool located behind the bar, where they feature a mermaid show a few times a night.

Huatulco Dive Center

Reasons to scuba dive in Huatulco

Located in plaza Chahue is one of Huatulco’s scuba diving shops, Huatulco Dive Center. Check out their dive pricing and availability to dive in Huatulco here.

🤿 Wondering about diving in Huatulco? As I dive enthusiast myself, I tell you all about scuba diving in Huatulco here. 👉

Chahue Corner

chahue corner is a collection of locally owned businesses that work together in Chahue bay Huatulco
The local cafes and restaurants located in Chahue Corner
(Photo: Shev)

This a neat little part of Huatulco! Chahue Corner is a collection of small, locally owned cafes and restaurants that share a space right on the beach in Chahue Bay Huatulco. It is open all day, so you can come early for an excellent coffee from Eagle Ray, one of Huatulco’s best cafes, or later in the evening and enjoy a glass of wine from La Cava Chahue and some live music during one of Chahue Corner’s events!

Huatulco Conference Center

In its final phases of development, the Huatulco Conference center is nearly completed in Bahia Chahue. This conference center will have Huatulco’s first auditorium-style facility for hosting conferences and larger events, seating over 1200 people.

Best Hotels In Chahue

Chahue is home to some awesome places to stay! Even for such a small part of Huatulco it was nearly impossible to narrow it down, but here are my top three places to stay in Chahue Bay Huatulco.

#1 Quinta Bella Huatulco

🌟Rating: 8.8/10 |📍 Sector/Area: Chahue Beach | 🏨 View on Booking.com

“This is a fantastic boutique type hotel right on the beach with two pools. The hotel is small enough and quiet to really relax and take in the views of the bay. The hotel is around a 10 to 15 minute walk to the city center.

Douglas – More Reviews

There is a reason it keeps popping up, the Quinta Bella Huatulco is truly one of the best hotels in Huatulco, not just in Chahue. The location, staff, facilities, food, and activities truly make the Quinta Bella an awesome choice for your Huatulco holiday.

#2 Hotel Xquenda Spa Huatulco

🌟Rating: 9.3/10 |📍 Sector/Area: Chahue Bay | 🏨 View on Booking.com

Really great location right next to Playa Chahue, and backs onto some beautifully maintained gardens. Full of birds and wildlife. The staff were all lovely especially the kind lady who cooked our breakfast every day. The pool is magnificent! It’s a very unique place.

Susie – More Reviews

Located just off Chahue beach, Hotel Xquenda Spa is a great 3🌟 option with excellent reviews and still very near all the beaches and amenities you could possibly need!

The endtrance sign of Coral Blue hotels and resorts, one of the best all-inclusive hotels in Huatulco
I took this photo at the entrance to Coral Blue Hotels & Resorts during our attempt to access Playa Consuelo. Unfortunately, the hotel has blocked access, so you can only visit the two Chahue beaches by staying at the hotel or getting a day pass.
(Photo: Shev)

#3 Coral Blue Hotel & Resort Huatulco

🌟Rating: 8.6/10 |📍 Sector/Area: Mirador Chahue | 🏨 View on Booking.com

The beds are super comfortable, the cleanliness is very good, the facilities are new and the private beach is perfect for sunbathing. The pool is very nice.

Christina – More Reviews

One of Huatulco’s best all-inclusive resorts, Coral Blue Hotel & Resorts Huatulco is located on the edge of Chahue with a stunning view of the sea.

About Sector R & Residential Chahue

As I mentioned at the beginning, people in Huatulco use the term Chahue to refer to a few areas off of the beach, so here is some more info about them.

Sector R

As you will see in the map I created, Sector R is the area across Benito Juarez Boulevard from Chahue. It runs from the Boulevard to Sector H2. People in Huatulco often refer to this area as Chahue as well because of its proximity to the bay.

Sector R Highlights


Pronounced “Cheh-drow-ee”, or referred to as “Super Che” (pronounced chay), Chedraui is one of Huatulco’s two supermarkets.

Best Western Posada Chahue

This hotel is a Huatulco favourite, and the absolute best pet-friendly hotel in Huatulco. The Best Western is also home to other community collectives like the Golden Circle Huatulco, the best co-working space in Huatulco.

Villa Blanca

Another well-loved Huatulco hotel, Villa Blanca is a comfortable hotel in Sector R with fantastic staff and comfortable beds and rooms.

Residential Chahue

a sign noting the area of Residential chahue, a group of apartment buildings in Sector I in Huatulco
Residential Chahue is a group of apartment buildings in Sector I
(Photo: Shev)

Residential Chahue is sometimes confused with being a part of Bahia Chahue, obviously because of the name. But in reality, Residential Chahue is the name for a group of apartment buildings in Sector I. Sector I is also a great area to stay in Huatulco, but it is not located close to the beaches or to the town centre.

Want to learn more about the sectors of Huatulco?
See my article Where to Stay in Huatulco here. 👉

Shev’s Summary – Chahue Bay Huatulco

And there you have it, everything you need to know about the area of Chahue Bay in Huatulco, Oaxaca. Whether you want to visit the principal beach for some live music and dancing, hang at a beach club, or discover one of the hidden beaches, I hope you found this guide useful, be sure to save it for when you need it! Don’t forget to check out the other beaches and bays of Huatulco too!

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