If there is anything Huatulco is known for, it’s the beaches! And it’s no wonder we are so famous for them, since we have more than 36 natural beaches in the Bahías de Huatulco!

While it’s fantastic to have that many options to explore, it can also be very overwhelming! In my time living in Huatulco, I have put together the ultimate guide to the beaches and bays, and I’m sharing them with you here!

First, you need to get an idea of the full scope of what Huatulco has to offer, so you can see Huatulco’s full list of beaches here.

Next, I narrowed it down to the highlights, listing the most popular beaches to visit as well as a few of my favourite secrets in my list of the Best Beaches in Huatulco.

While these are helpful articles, they only tell you so much about each place Huatulco offers. So, here are more detailed articles on each bay and Beach in Huatulco!

The Bays and their Beaches

I am currently working on guides to all of Huatulco’s beaches (I know, a big project!). Check back here or join my newsletter for updates to this series!

The 36+ Beaches of Huatulco

San Agustin Bay

Beaches: San Agustin, Cacluttilla, Riscalillo

Organo Bay

Organo Beach

Chahue Bay

Playa La Esperanza
Playa el Tejon
Playa San Andrés

Stand-alone Beaches

💋 La Bocana Beach